Jewelry DIY Projects Made With Buttons

Because we’re such avid crafters, we’ve spent years collecting buttons. It’s not so much that we went out and intentionally bought buttons on purpose or anything. Buttons have sort of just fallen into our laps over the years! Whether we’re finding them in our washing machine, setting them aside when they fall off our clothing then forgetting to reattach them, or stashing the extra buttons that come attached to the labels of new clothing but that we rarely ever need, we’ve amassed quite a collection. Once you’ve got that many buttons, though, what do you actually do with them? Well, if you’re a mending, sewing, or knitting enthusiast, you might keep them for clothing, but otherwise we really enjoy crafting with our spare buttons! We’ve turned them into all kinds of things over the years, but we’re pretty sure out favourite DIY button project has always been jewelry.



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